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Food Registeration


Registration of functional foods

If the registration of drugs is a very complicated process, the procedures for announcing quality standards for food and cosmetic products are simpler and less time-consuming.
However, it does not mean that experience and expertise in these fields do not play a decisive role. Understanding and following the requirements of the Ministry of Health in the preparation of applications as well as filing and filing remains the crux of the matter.
    - Food additives, functional foods imported or produced in the country should be submitted and approved to the quality standards announced by the Food Safety Administration, Ministry of Health
     - Cosmetics imported must submit dossiers of quality standards announced at the Drug Administration of Vietnam.
   - Cosmetics produced in the country should be submitted to the quality standard publication at the Department of Health in province.
DTS receives consultancy and implementation of all services related to the above procedures and commits to complete in the shortest possible time, the most cost effective for customers.

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