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Drugs Registeration

Drugs Registeration

Not only in Vietnam but also in other countries in the world, drug registration is one of the complex processes which takes time and requires the person preparing the application to have good knowledge and experience. In addition, the understanding, adaptation and updating of Drug Administration's regulations/ requirements is one of the important factors contributing to the success of this work.
     Therefore, many domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies have selected solutions using drug registration services from specialized companies providing services.
     Our drug registration service will help you make a package or part of the registration process of drugs in a simple, effective and cost effective way. We will assist you with the most up to date documents and procedures to shorten the preparation time. At the same time, at DTS Vietnam with the professional assignment for each stage of the process: From preparation, inspection, submission and tracking records, ... Drug registration profile of customers will It is guaranteed to submit to the Drug Administration of Vietnam as soon as possible and be monitored closely to minimize the trouble of delaying the visa issuance of the product.
     In the complete registration process below, customers can choose the package or any necessary stage to request us to provide services.

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